Sale and transfer

CORPORATE ADVISORS POLAND dvises on the sale and transfer of some or all of the shares.

The various stages in which we participate:

Preparing sale transaction of the company

  • Collecting and analysing information
  • Company valuation and strategy definition
  • Preparing presentation documents (teaser, memo, etc.)

Sourcing of buyers

  • Profiling potential buyers
  • Selecting specific targets
  • Establishing contact with potential buyers and presenting the offer


  • Defining goals and permitted standard deviations
  • Analysing offers
  • Negotiating terms and conditions of the letter of intent
  • Data Room and site visit

Assistance in audit and legal activities

  • Carrying out acquisition audits
  • Preparing financial documentation
  • Preparing legal documentation

Participating in the transaction’s closing

  • Final structuring of the transaction
  • Lifting the suspensive conditions
  • Signing acts and transferring shares